What My Patients Say

You are a unique person. Each of my clients is different. When you choose to work with me, I will approach your situation, goals and the solution(s) I recommend with you and your family in mind. Here’s what a few of my patients have to say about working with me.
I play soccer 3 days a week and do CrossFit the other 4. I began to feel exhausted and wiped out and quickly realized my diet was not up to par for the type of exercise or the duration and frequency in which I was participating. During my consultation with Libby, she helped me understand the importance of fueling my body with the right kinds of foods as well as portions of those foods; she also made me realize the importance of post-workout nutrition. We went through food lists together and she created a guideline from which to build balanced meals. She made simple suggestions to incorporate into my lifestyle without making me feel like I had to change everything I already eat. I was able to set realistic and attainable goals that I am moving towards every day. I really enjoyed learning and look forward to feeling better and seeing the results at my next CrossFit competition!
Kelsea A.

I first went to see Libby when I started training for a half-marathon 4 years ago and needed a solid meal plan to keep up with my calorie burning schedule. I also knew I needed to find a more balanced diet in general. She was great to work with and calculated my dietary needs specific to me and my exercise regimen. Since then, I’ve gone back to her when I needed an updated nutrition plan during my pregnancy and again after I had my baby to make sure I was still getting proper nutrition when I began to exercise to lose my baby weight. She’s been incredibly helpful in tailoring my plan based on my lifestyle and food preferences over the years, and I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their health and energy with food and nutrition.
Kelly M.

I work in construction and, although I am very physically active at work, I continued to gain weight. At first, I was reluctant to make changes to my diet, but after meeting with Libby, I realized I didn’t have to eat bland salads every day or starve myself to lose weight. I learned how to estimate portion sizes and create meals that fit within my calorie requirements, as well as how to make healthy choices to cut out quite a bit of the processed and high-sugar foods from my diet. I lost 20 pounds in 12 weeks with diet alone and have new healthy eating habits to show for it too.
Adam B.

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